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Arrival and Departure Procedures

Morning Drop-off Procedures:

School personnel will be available to supervise car riders in the gym (front entrance) at 6:45 AM each morning. Students in 5th Grade (along with any of their siblings in 3rd and/or 4th Grades) enter through the 5th Grade car rider line and enter the Music Room no earlier than 7:00 AM each morning. 

Students arriving PRIOR to 7:10 AM must report to the gym or music room. Students arriving between 7:10 AM – 7:25 AM can be dropped off at the front entrance OR at the side 5th Grade entrance to report directly to their classroom. If students arrive at school AFTER 7:30 AM, parents must come to the front office to sign in their students AND students will be marked as “tardy”. 

Parents should remain in line during morning drop-off. The middle parking lot in the arrival/dismissal areas is reserved for teacher parking and individuals parking for scheduled appointments in the building. DO NOT pull into the parking lot and drop your child off to cross the car rider line. Please do not park your car and walk your child in the building. 

Breakfast will be served daily between 7:00 AM – 7:20 AM. 

Afternoon Dismissal Procedures:

Procedures for afternoon dismissal are as follows: 

• 5th Grade students, 5th Grade students with siblings in 3rd or 4th Grade, or students carpooling with 5th Grade students are dismissed from the side entrance on Dragon Drive. 

• 3rd and 4th Grade students (who do not have a 5th Grade sibling or who are not carpooling with a 5th Grade student) will be dismissed from the front entrance on Dragon Drive. 

The traffic pattern for afternoon pick-up will be restricted to these designated areas. The back entrance is reserved for buses only. We ask that ALL parents/guardians remain in line for afternoon pick-up. Due to safety concerns, please do not park and enter the building to pick your child up from school. Parents who remain in the car pick-up line help us to allow for uninterrupted traffic flow. WE DO NOT HAVE WALK-UP PICK-UP

Please Note: All Jefferson Academy students must be picked up promptly at the end of each day unless they are enrolled in the afternoon PLUS Program. Two pick up cards for vehicles will be provided to each family. Please clip the pick-up card to the passenger visor or window. If the card is attached to the visor, keep the visor down until your child is loaded each day. For the sake of efficiency, personnel in charge will focus on the card rather than the car or the driver. In the event that you forget your card, the parent/guardian will be expected to park in the parking lot and report to the front office with a form of identification (i.e. Driver's License, etc.) to check out the child. If you have misplaced your pick-up card, please request a replacement card at the time of check-out. We strive very hard to be consistent with all practices and procedures. Your spirit of cooperation will enable us to maximize our level of efficiency. If your child(ren) are still on campus at 3:00 PM, we will send your child(ren) to our afternoon PLUS program. Fees will be charged for PLUS participation. 

Parent Change in Student Transportation:

Only in the case of a rare emergency should changes be made via telephone. Please understand that late notification of a transportation change could result in a breakdown of communication. In such case, the safety of your child could be jeopardized. Thus, ANY EMERGENCY CHANGE IN TRANSPORTATION SHOULD BE MADE PRIOR TO 1:30 PM. 

Please note that Jefferson Academy personnel will not deviate from a student’s routine dismissal plan without official notification from the parent or guardian. Official notification is two-fold. Notification in the agenda will give direction to the teacher. Notification on a separate full sheet of paper will be sent to the office to give direction to supporting personnel in charge of dismissal. The sheet should include (1) the name of the student, (2) the name of the teacher, and (3) specifics relative to the change (to include the duration of the change). 

Example 1: Sam Jones in Jenny Jackson’s 3rd Grade class will ride home on Bus #5 on September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. He will get off the bus at 123 Jonesboro Road. Sam will not be a car rider on these days.

Example 2: Sam Jones in Jenny Jackson’s 3rd Grade class will be a car rider on September 1st, 2nd and 3rd. He will be picked up by Bob Smith, who is on the pick-up list. Bob will have a pick-up card on his visor to verify this change.

Remember: Unless the person designated for pick-up has an official pick-up card, he/she will be expected to check the student out through the front office. Identification will be required and the name should appear on the transportation card.